Tsjernobyl IV

Documenting life

The award-winning ArtLego photographer Paal Audestad has made a new documentary for Aftenposten. This time he has followed 11-year-old Anel who lives with cancer. See his incredible touching pictures at Aftenposten

Anel (11) lives with his serious diagnose, and say that he dreads his injections, but still looks forward to his summer holyday, hoping the cancer will also take a leave.

Anel´s brain tumour was discovered when he was only seven. Since then he has been in hospital more times than he can remember. He´s had many operations but still a bit of the tumour is left because it might be too risky to take out the whole. Doctors are watching it and make sure that it does not grow.

Paal Audestad is renowned for his documentaries from Chernobyl and the Norwegian music industry. Audestad is mapping his surroundings, and when doing so he transforms simple everyday motives into something more than documentation of reality; they reflect a feeling of uncertainty and ambiguousness and make us ask what we actually see and what´s important in life. The result is pictures that reflect a heartfelt sympathy for his motives and the situation in which they’re taken.

View Audestad´s photos at ArtLego 

(Photo: Tsjernobyl II, Pal Audestad)