Hitting the Wall

Awarded ArtLego artist Sindre Goksøyr is known for his playful and surrealistic works. You´ll find his works in magazines and books, and also at a large wall at Grisen restaurant in Oslo, Norway, where he has used his skills to give this social meting place an unique artistic touch.

Sindre Goksøyr is a part of the playful and surrealistic Dongery collective and among Norway’s most prominent poster artists, illustrators and comic book writers. He creates sculptures in both clay and paper-maché and has participated in numerous solo and group shows. Goksøyr has published several prize-winning and critically acclaimed books, and has received multiple exhibition, project, production and travel grants.

Goksøyr has done 6 books and is published in a number of magazines, newspapers and other publications. He´s awarded numerous times by Visuelt and The Most Beautiful book of the Year (NO.), both for his posters, illustrations and comics.

Motive and drawing style is often a satirical and a surreal play with pop cultural clichés. His humorous comics are drawn in black ink and often have pure bright coloured surfaces.

(Photo: Sindre Goksøyr)