Big is Great!

Sometimes, size matters. If you´re looking to buy an artwork that really will define a room, try an oversized photo, object or a statement painting. Check our suggestions on awesome art that might appeal to you:

Jens Erland´s Constellation with Square II
Christine Istad´s Hong Kong #4
Debbie Lawson´s Fox and Ivy
Hilde Skjeggestad´s Rendering from the lines of the read book
Elin Melberg´s Float/Black and White
Or why not go all the way and purchase Ina Otzko´s fabulous News?

Whatever you choose you will be the proud owner of a striking statement of art.
If you don´t want to put large holes in your walls, try leaning large artworks on the floor rather than hanging them, or buy a work that can stand on the floor or a shelf.

If you´re ready to go big, but not sure how big, we are here to help you. Contact us at Sunderø Gallery, and we´ll suggest works that will work for you.