As the World Turns

Reflecting the Human Existence

ArtLego artist Jim Darbu is currently showing his wonderfully grotesque and comic like works at Gallery GEO in Bergen (NO).

The solo exhibition “This Is Forever” display a number of new and older works. Jim Darbu´s artistic language reminds us of comic art, but in spite of their appearance, his complex characters deeply reflect human conditions, mirroring our existential needs and inner desires. In many ways Darbu´s works remind us of the classical role of the jester and clown; to reveal the often uncomfortable truth, while smiling and making jokes.

We quote from Gallery GEO´s statement: In the exhibition “This is forever” the artist will showcase what he sees as a fortunate by-product of today’s entertainment community.

In an impatient everyday life we consume and absorb new impulses at a furious pace. How to handle and process these impressions are different from person to person, but Darbu’s method has always been to create art. Like a DJ mixing their tracks, he composes sculptures with notes from today’s popular culture. The result is displayed in an all-encompassing exhibition consisting of comic-inspired sculptures in various sizes and materials.”

Over the last years Darbu´s ceramic sculptures have earned him recognition. His works are included in the collections of such prestigious institutions as the Bergen Art Museum, Akershus County, Hå old vicarage, the collection of Oslo city, as well as from the purchasing fund for Norwegian crafts (Bergen Art Museum), Akershus County and the purchasing fund for Norwegian crafts (the National Museum of Norway).

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Venue: Gallery GEO
Christian Michelsens gate 7, 5012 Bergen (NO)
Opens October 8. and will run for a month.