Facing Other Realities

We proudly present Yngvar Larsen as our new ArtLego artist! The Norwegian photographer and sculpturer has a long and interesting career, exhibiting at numerous venues both in Norway and abroad. Larsen just moved from Florida to Brussels in Belgium, and his American years have clearly set their marks on his works.

Larsen often works in series, especially in his camera-based art. At ArtLego we show the Trump Mask Series, six photos in all. That is, the photos are not really camera based in a traditional manner of speaking. Larsen has used Snap chat’s face swap-app to imprint Donald Trump´s face on his own, resulting in eerie portraits merging the characteristics of both men.

Larsen´s idea is to try to step into the role of being a 50 (something) white male, living in the US under Trump. The series offers Larsen´s personal approach on viewing the world through the eyes of another man, investigating what that might feel like. As viewers we – on the other hand – have to reflect on what a portrait is. Who are we looking at; Larsen or Trump? And who is looking back at us?

The portraits are interesting objects of philosophy, on how to describe what it is to be human. Who are we genetically, and how do we relate to cultural and social settings? Is it possible to obtain integrity, being an individual in ones own right, or are we left to be defined by the interpretations of others?

The Trump Masks might also be seen as political works, where the question in hand is whether wearing the mask of Donald Trump, the infamous republican presidential candidate of USA, is at all bearable. Or quite the opposite; if it is highly desirable to take his place.

Larsen´s photos give us no answers, and we are left alone reflecting on them. The many possible ways to read his portraits is also why they will have a life way beyond election date 8. November.

View Larsen´s profile at https://sundero-gallery.com/portfolio/yngvar-larsen/