Lynx Lynx

Red Listed Lynxes Needs Protection

Please join ArtLego and Yngvar Larsen in supporting Foreningen Våre Rovdyr (FVR) and their work to protect the lynxes of Norway! Every lynx sculpture that is sold at our web shop generates 10 NOK to the organization. In buying one of Larsen´s lynxes you take a stand to stop killing Norway´s only living wildcat, and – in addition – you´ll be the owner of a unique and beautiful sculpture.

At our web shop we have a total of 67 unique lynx sculptures. The number equals the lynxes shot in last years hunt in Norway. In his Lynx Lynx project Sunderø Gallery artist Yngvar Larsen asks us to reflect upon mans relation to wild life and nature, and whether we allow preditators in our fauna at all. The 67 lynxes are a part of an installation consisting of 310 sculptures, the total population of animals in Norway. When exhibited 67 are placed on black boxes, giving the viewer a haunting reminder of how many it´s allowed killing, when the actual number of lynxes are so low.

All of Larsen´s lynx sculptures are hand made, and differ in shape. Each of them comes with numbered black boxes.

Foreningen Våre Rovdyr is a nationwide volunteer organization founded in 1986. The organization is working to preserve predators in Norway, and to build up viable populations in their natural environment. FVR is politically neutral, and consists of members, employees and directors.

Since 2010 there has been an unfortunate and clear decline in the number of lynx family groups in Norway. In 2015 the lynx was Red Listed and categorized as endangered species. In spite of this; there are high quotas for lynx to be shot each year. According to FVR this is a tragic wild life administration, which may lead to the distinction of this beautiful animal.

The lynx is a fantastic and fascinating predator, and it´s very shy. That’s why very few have had the chance to see it in the wild nature. Foreningen Våre Rovdyr will continue the struggle to keep the lynxes as a part of Norway´s beautiful nature, and at ArtLego we support their work! Do You?