Constructive Memories
Kjetil Finne

Sunderø Art Gallery launches an exhibition at Skur2, Stavanger (NO), with new works by Kjetil Finne.

Saturday 22. April at 13:00

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday, 11.00 to 17.00
22. April – 7. May

Skur2, Skansekaien 23, 4006 Stavanger

The show highlights both large-scale drawings and smaller works, never exhibited before.

The Norwegian artist Kjetil Finne is known for his surreal works, often depicting humans and animals in strange and melancholy situations. The exhibition title (Constructive Memories) refers to the ephemeral, dreamlike substance from witch memories are woven. Consciously or unconsciously we all edit our history through memories that often is partly or completely false. By doing so, new narratives arise in the encounter between memory, imagination and dream.

Finne´s works are poignant and poetic. His subtle use of symbols underlines the fragile border between reality and fiction, and questions our ability to exist in a strange and often scary world.

These are pictures you are not likely to forget.

Kjetil Finne

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