The Tolls of Everyday Life

How do you earn a living and follow your dreams if you are a goodhearted, naïve and not very practical girl? The tolls of everyday life are hard, you try your best, but still it always ends in a disaster. None the less, good friends and an understanding bureaucrat in the employment office may come to your rescue.
This time too…

Ingjerd Hansen Juvik is a Norwegian artist and children books author from Svolvær (NO), now living and working in Bariloche, Argentina. She is known as a skilled drawer and illustrator, has written several children’s books and have had her works purchased by institutions like North Norway County Municipality, Rana and Svolvær Art Association, North Norway Art Museum, Luleå Municipality (SE) and Norway’s Art Council.

In the later years the artist has taken an interest in comic art and has created the heartwarming and surreal story of Lola, an impulsive, goodhearted, but not too structured young girl. Lola lives with her friends Mona, Synnøve and Calle. Mona is boss of the house and an alternative therapist with rather original views on treatments, while Synnøve earnestly claims to origin from another planet and keeps an invisible frog as her dearest companion. Calle is the only male occupant of the house, and busies his days trying to understand life – and women in particular.

Lola lives an impulsive life, moving from job to job. Thus, regular access to money is not to be counted on in Lola’s life, and action has to be taken…

Other characters in Lola’s universe are Sigurd, patient of Mona, Batman, street philosopher Pedro and Atilla, Aksel Hennie’s guardian. The actor, playwright and editor being the only nonfictive person in Juvik’s comic. Lola has a deep crush on the actor and there is no limit to how far she´s willing to go to get Henie’s attention.

We are proud to be the only gallery to sell Juvik´s Lola prints. The works for sale are one edition test prints from her first album, “Lola I”. The album has not yet been published, as Juvik is still in the search for a publisher. All works are drawn by hand by Juvik, then scanned and colored by Nikolai Gowda before printing.