A Realm of the Fantastic

We are happy to introduce Svein Tråserud as one of our new artists! Tråserud grew up in Heddal at the outskirts of Notodden, Norway. He comes from a family of industry workers, hunters and farmers. A heritage both practical and pragmatic.

At the age of 13 Leo lost his father due to cancer. This traumatic and sudden experience pushed his practical sense into the realm of the fantastic and creative. He found comfort in the arts. Visual arts, music and literature became a substitute for the loss of his father.

Music was also a huge part of his life, playing in various local bands as well as touring around the world with the renowned Industrial Metal band “Mortiis” for seven years.

After quitting his musical career Tråserud pursued visual arts with all his focus and energy, studying arts over a period of 11 years.

The works we show in our gallery are from the artists series of endangered animals and his interpretations of the Norwegian artist Hans Herbjørnsrud´s books. The first series includes species like polar bears, large sea turtles and bumblebees, all threatened with extinction. A fact that we as human beings, bear a huge responsibility for.

The other series is a result of Tråserud´s close work with the renowned Norwegian short story author Hans Herbjørnsrud. The series is called ‘Herbjornsrud´s Universe’, and are based on the authors’ stories.

Explaining why he wanted to work with Tråserud, Hans Herbjørnsrud said, “I chose him to illustrate my short stories because he is the best of all to express the hallucinated realism I write in”.

Herbjørnsrud´s latest book “Her kan alt skje” (“Anything Can Happen Here”) was released by Norway’s largest publishing house, Gyldendal. The cover artwork features one of the works from the ‘Herbjornsrud´s Universe’ series.

You find works of Tråserud in our gallery shop.