December (Birches)

Three in One

Hå gamle prestegard (Hå Old Vicarage) has selected three of our fantastic artists in their programme this year; Mattias Härenstam, Tanja Thorjussen and Gry Hege Rinaldo. Härenstam attends in Hå´s first exhibition this year, opening Saturday 27th of January.

Hå has planned for a series of exhibitions this year, offering works of different printing techniques. The programme is a respond to an increased interest in art prints, and will present some of Norway’s most exquisite artists.

In høyTRYKK (High Pressure), Mattias Härenstam will display two of his large, amazing woodcut prints, August (Night) and December (Birches) The prints are two of a brand new series commenting on the autumn months of a year (se prints in our shop). The motives are all but October of wooden landscapes.

The subject of Härenstam´s woodcuts is often variations on the same themes as he works with in sculpture and film; they describe the relationship between an organized surface and the underlying chaos. In various ways his works revolves around questions about the fleeting or transitory in our lives, the way living things are constantly in juxtaposition with death. Feelings and experiences we find hard to grasp, because they´re hidden somewhere beneath the surface of our consciousness.

Härenstam´s delicately carved woodcuts is given form by a selection of the smallest blades on birch plywood. The hard wood gives the resistance he needs to form his astonishingly detailed prints.

In November Hå gamle prestegard will present Tanja Thorjussen and Gry Hege Rinaldo in Parabiose, an exhibition showing both drawings and prints. Rinaldo is currently working on the drawings she will present at the show, and has told us that she too will be presenting wooden landscapes, much like the ones we have in our gallery. Tanja Thorjussen, on the other hand, will show prints. She said that has not quite decided on what she will show, but we will be surprised not to find some of her beautiful mythical animal motives.

Opening Saturday 27th January at 14 hrs.

Opening Saturday 17th November at 14 hrs.

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