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Lunch Break at Tinfabriken!

In our exhibition series at Tinfabriken in Stavanger, we invite you to an humerous Lunch break, presenting prints from Børge Lund’s hillarious comics.

Prize winning Lund (NO) is the artist behind the immensely popular comic strip Lunch. The setting for his caracters is a rather dysfunctional working place, where the workers has no great desire to actually produce anything. The fun thing being that we all recognize our colleagues in his caracters, but not our self – of course…

Børge Lund draws series fulltime and has published seven books. Lunch is published in 90 newspapers and magazines, in Norway and abroad. The comic strip also features as a magazine of it´s own.

The exhibition opens Tuesday 30th October 19.00 hrs, as the second event in “Tuesday at the Tinfabriken”, a celebration of new art and new music. Every exhibition opening is combined with a concert, and this time it is Tinfabriken’s pleasure to present to the local musicians Marie Hauge and Audun Skanke. Adress: Ryfylkegata 45, 4014 Stavanger, Norway.  

The exhibition is located in the venerable old Tin factory of Stavanger (NO). The intimate banquet hall and oak corridors through the house will be dressed with artwork and at opening night you will meet the artist and musicians. You will be touched and moved, get a bit of reflection – and you’ll be served stories you have not heard before. We guarantee a Tuesday out of the ordinary!

Open: 30. October  2018- 15. January 2019.