The Philosopher’s Stone

Our new artist, Kristin Velle-George reminds us of Askeladden, a figure in Norwegian fairy tales, known for his talent of making use of whatever he finds, transforming it into marvels of wonders.

Velle-George is like that. Looking at a stone, a branch, an old swimming ring in the garden, old stockings… In all of them she recognizes materials suitable of transformation.

Velle-George´s works are not easily defined. The boundary between drawing and sculpture is floating. Her drawings may be combined with concrete, a fabric or wax, just as easily as drawn on a sheet of paper. She may also use thread or metal wire like drawing elements around an object, transforming a piece of artificial grass or a sponge into something unrecognizable and mysterious.

In her works no material range over others in value. We recognize each of the elements, but the totality of the various objects is still something new, something previously unseen. In this way Velle-George lifts the insignificant, the inconspicuous and translates it into interesting art objects.

A reference to alchemy is present in her art, and maybe strongest in one of her latest works, showcasing gold leaves in small bulbs of glass (picture).

Like an alchemist Velle-George try to detect correlations between substance and content. Her hands at work are like a Philosopher’s Stone, transforming base materials into gold. Like traditional alchemists Velle-George does not present to us the possibility of being rich by turning substance into gold, but rather the opposite: Showing us the value and magic of everyday objects.

In her exquisite material processing, Velle-George creates a world of wonder, continuously disturbing our senses. The result is a poetic, enigmatic art.

According to spiritual alchemy whoever managed to produce the Philosopher’s Stone will be enlightened, and enlightened we are.

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