Untitled IV (Multiples)

The art of decomposing and composing

Thomas Patrick: New exhibition >Detritus< at Galerie T, Düsseldorf.
Patrick Thomas is both detective and visual poet. His unique prints combines found artifacts, pop, high- and subculture into a kind of snapshots of our flickering visual culture. Thomas reproduces individual motifs in different combinations, to unique multiples. That is; although many of his prints may contain the same picture elements, each print is unique. According to the artist, this form of art production opens up for a democratization of art. Giving people access both to view and be able to to afford art, is an important aspect of Thomas’ oeuvre.

Detritus, the exhibition’s title, refers to dead organic matter. Detritus occurs by the weathering of solid rocks, or as mud deposits of decaying plants and animal remains in the sea. A reference to this organic process is interesting in relation to Thomas´ use of waste materials and everyday objects as basis for artistic production.

Thursday 24. November, Thomas opens his new exhibition >Detritus< at Galerie T, Hermannstraße 24, 40233 Düsseldorf. The exhibition will remain open until January 8. 2017.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit Gallery T, take a look at his work at www.sundero-gallery.com

View also Thomas in his studio, talking about his art: https://vimeo.com/61952546