Four Season 1

The Painting on the Wall

When ArtLego artist Marius Martinussen takes on a commission, be sure it´s not going to end in a small, framed picture, hanging on a wall. These days’ he´s just finished a grand, commissioned work at Randers Statsskole in Denmark, with amazing floor-to-ceiling paintings. Slice & Dice, ( 2,5 x 54 wall meter, airbrush) and two 2,5 x meter wallpaintings called Four Seasons.

The Slice & Dice walls are painted in stripes. The artist points out that he wishes to play with our perception. The stripes vary in thickness, and in some of them the colours are graded. All to create optical illusions for the viewers depending on their position in the room. Soft feminine hues are combined on some walls to contrast others with more edgy, masculine colours, thus making spaces with a variety of identities.

The fantastic non-figurative Four Seasons wall paintings (photo: Four Seasons I), may remind you of some of the ones we have in our ArtLego shop. The paintings busts of energy and movement, and supplement the calmer striped walls well.

At the Danish high school Martinussen has created grand pieces of art in any way you choose to interpret the phrase. We are proud to represent him, and congratulate him on yet a fantastic commission well done. We also congratulate Randers Statsskole with their new art. 875 students and 100 employees at Randers will now share interesting aesthetic experiences at their every day arena, thanks to Martinussen.

Martinussen has also done commissioned works at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim (NO) and Kjell Henriksen Observatory (Svalbard).
(Photos: Courtesy of Marius Martinussen)