Bowl with Lobed Rim, on Ironfoot (detail)

Pure Poetry

It looks as fragile as ice. When the light shines through it, it glows like a treasure from a fairy-tale. Simon Lund Koefoed´s porcelain bowls are pure poetry. Holding one, one marvels at the fact that something so thin feels so strong. We welcome our new Sunderø Gallery artist from Bornholm in Denmark, an island known for its many skilled artists, craftsmen and designers.

Koefoed was born and raised on this beautiful island in the Baltic Sea, in close contact with its versatile nature. After 10 years in exile, he returned to study at the Glass and Ceramics School on Bornholm, an internationally renowned craftsman training (today a part of the Danish Design education). After graduation, Koefoed established himself on a property in the small town of Rø, with his family, workshop and store.

Koefoed´s fascination for clay and its inherent characteristics is the focal point of his ceramic work. He has developed his own techniques for making ultrathin, translucent works with varying surface structures.

The focal point and basic shape of Simon Lund Koefoed´s works is often the bowl, the simplest and most beautiful archetype to present structures, textures and patterns. He finds that nature offers the most amazing patterns and structures, where beauty emerges from the tension between system and chaos.

The works of Koefoed´s signal lightness and ease, despite originating from heavy and compact clay. Porcelain is the cleanest, whitest and the most finely grained of all clay types, and when fired at 1280 degrees it´s grains sinters so close together that it obtains great strength. Therefore, the works are not as fragile as they first seems. If you allow light to shine through the thin walls of one of Koefoed´s unique bowls, it will bring a poetic extra dimension to the visual impression.

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