Karen Erland

Celebrating the feminine

On the international Women’s Day, it´s appropriate to forward one of our great female artists, Karen Erland.

Karen´s series ”Vein” is a commemoration of her mother. On the utterly female forms of the jars you find the patterns of her mothers woollen stockings. The ones she used when she worked in the barn.

Karen´s heritage and the landscape in which she grew up, is the main source and inspiration of her artistic practise. Thus ”vein” refers to the bloodline between mothers and daughters, and celebrates Karen´s memories of a strong and gentle woman.

Karen´s works might be seen as echoes of her childhood, memories of long stretches of beaches, her foot gently treading from stone to stone. She gives us patterns to read, maps of possible roads to walk, forms our hand might stroke to remember what once was.

Relatives, the delicate interaction between humans – between parents and children. These are key words to understand Karen´s works. Never sentimental, but still with a poetic approach to what it is to be longing and belonging.