Solveig Bergene

Untitled IV

Solveig Bergene relies on a repertoire of symbols and favorite motifs. She is fascinated by the early period of natural science, when a large degree of irrationality was still present. 1600-century wunderkammer is also an important source of inspiration. These collections often consisted of strange, rare or forged objects, and may be seen as a forerunner of the collections we see today.

By disconnecting her motifs from present time, the artist facilitates an open reading. As a result her works become wordless narratives that do not require any background knowledge by the viewer to be able to interpret them.

Many of her pictures are based on the same themes. She describes this as “looking for something I do not know what is, through revising and combining my motifs. I choose themes and motifs and try creating my own mythology with a kind of irrational logic”.

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Solveig Bergene: Untitled IV

Aquarelle on paper (2016)
180 x 150 cm

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