Børge Bredenbekk

The Marketplace (Torget)

From the golden era of manual labor and when the marketplace was an actual physical place where people got together. Hand carved linoleum block inspired by Bredenbekk´s larger graphic version, inked and printed by hand in a small edition on beige Japanese gampi paper (slight shine to it, beautiful paper).

The prints are made using hand carved linoleum blocks and hand printed. The printmaking paper will not fade. Each print is handmade and unique – color density and details will vary.

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Børge Bredenbekk: The Marketplace (Torget)

Hand carved lino print on 110g beige Japanese washi (cotton) paper
Motive size: 23 x 42 cm
Edition: 24
Signed and numbered

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The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (5% tax)


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