Mara Sola

Porcupine´s Dilemma III

Porcupine’s Dilemma

Arthur Schopenhauer had a theory about human relationships. He used porcupines as a metaphor. He compared human emotions with the behaviour of this animals. In relations, in love, families or friends we are all in the same vulnerable position.

We feel very uncomfortable with our own emotions. We are like porcupines out on a cold winter night. We crave for connection, but we get hurt by closeness. The need to be loved comes with the need to be separated. In order to protect oneself, one has to get the critical distance to be self-contain.

As a response of these universal matters, Sola has created a body of work where fragility, distances, borders and emotions are captured in watercolour paper and handmade objects that evoke the visceral feeling of the struggling in human relations.

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Mara Sola: Porcupine´s Dilemma III

Unique object in wool, animal fur, quills.
23 x 25 cm

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