Maria Pogorzhelskaya

Pioneer Girl with Two Doves

The basis for the Time Machine series is Maria Pogorzhelskaya’s personal collection of popular Soviet porcelain figurines of the 50’s, collected on flea markets in Moscow about 20 years ago.

An artist never knows where she will find the next topic for her works. It takes time to discover the hidden sensitive points around you. Pogorzhelskaya’s home time machine.
Nail polish, eyeshadows, iodine, greenery, foundation.
Pogorzhelskaya works with unusual materials, transforming and combining them to discover disguised in the porcelain figurines hidden memories, emotions, associations.

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Maria Pogorzhelskaya: Pioneer Girl with Two Doves

My home private time machine series, 2018
28,5 x 20 cm
Nail polish, eye shadows, brow liner, foundation
Unique work

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