Morten Abel

Mods 1981

Mods was a Norwegian rock/pop group from Stavanger and Morten Abel’s first band. The photo was taken in 1981, when the band replaced two of the musicians. It is the only photo that shows all Mods’ members.

From 1981 to 1984 Mods released three albums. Their debut album “Revansj”, which contained the song “Tore Tang”, sold best. Together with, among others, the Stavanger ensemble and Asfalt, they constituted a Stavanger wave in Norwegian rock in the early 80’s.

Morten Abel is known both as a solo artist and vocalist in the Stavanger band The September When. He made his breakthrough with the band Mods in the early 1980s. Abel has won four Spellemann Prizes as a solo artist, including Spellemann of the Year for 2001 and the honorary award for 2014. In addition, he has been nominated for four Spellemann Prizes and won one Spellemann together with The September When. He was inducted into the Rockheim Hall of Fame in 2018.

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Morten Abel: Mods 1981

Cyanotypi on fine artist paper (2021)
Motive size: b 61 x h 45 cm
Mono Print 1/1

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