Arkadiy Petrov


The Toothpick series is one of Petrov’s earliest projects, started when he was eight years old. During more than a decade of work on the project, the concept has constantly evolved.

The sculpture has a very complex structure. It consists of three-dimensional elements, connected by constructive «fences». At the bottom of the sculpture, the elements are simple three-dimensional quadrangles, but the higher the object goes, the more complex the elements become, gradually deforming and becoming multangular. Also, as we move upwards, white spaces begin to appear, gradually occupying the entire surface of the object and displacing the black colour. Between the elements there is an atrium, allowing the light to penetrate inside the structure. The prints in the Toothpick series are based on selective angles of the sculptures.

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Arkadiy Petrov: Elements

Toothpick Tower series
Giclée print of a photo
45 x 60 cm
Edition 5

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