Andronik Khachian

Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast, Russia. November 3, 2017, 3:16:13 PM

Khachians photoes are taken by iphone panorama camera while travelling. Panoramas on smartphones are joined from many tiny vertical stripes of the photo to be able to merge objects without seams. Usually you turn around yourself, so each stripe is made from one point of view. However, when you are in a moving transport each stripe has its own point of view a centimeter or more (depending on the speed) apart from the previous stripe. That’s why some panoramas look realistic and surrealistic at the same time. There’s no perspective. We rarely see sides of objects. This new reality looks fairytale–ish, and amply interesting to explore.

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Andronik Khachian: Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast, Russia. November 3, 2017, 3:16:13 PM

Taken with iPhone 7
Photo print mounted on 0.3 mm Dibond (aliminium plate) under 0.5 mm acrylic glass
100 x 23 cm
Edition 3

Available also in sizes
290 x 66,7 mm 25000,-
200 x 66,7 cm NOK 170000,-
150 x 34,5 cm NOK 13000,-

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