Sofia Tatarinova

Dachas in Russia 18 #1

Dachas in Russia

Dachas represent a subculture in the modern Russian society. In Soviet times there were created “collective gardens” for workers at the beginning of the 1930s. It must be said that in some cases residential buildings could not be built in these gardening areas. The creation of such plots represented a possibility for free art in a regulated society, although people had to limit the size of the houses. It was like a breath of freedom. People have always been very resourceful and imaginative in creating unique worlds with very little means and space. Nowadays these plots exist in huge dachas areas (which contents 50 million units, including cottages). Still they remain a mass phenomenon of Soviet times.

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Sofia Tatarinova: Dachas in Russia 18 #1

Photo from the Dachas in Rusia series (2011)
Printed on archival colour paper
Limited edition 2/10

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