Bjarte Agdestein
Endre Skandfer
Krüger & Krogh
Ronald Kabíček

Climbing Fences (Gjerdeklatring). Page 5

Print of hand drawn page from Krüger & Krogh album nr. 2, Spøkelseståken (Ghost fog). Published in 2018. Artists: Bjarte Agdestein, Endre Skanfer, Ronald Kabíček.

The story takes place in Oslo, in the early sixties. Jacob Krüger and Otto Krogh are special agents in the (fictional) secret intelligence agency SIA (Section for Intermediary Affairs). The agency specializes in cases that appears to be inexplicable, unlikely or even supernatural.

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Krüger & Krogh: Climbing Fences (Gjerdeklatring). Page 5

Silk print
Sheet size: 28 x 21 cm
Edition: 100

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