Gelah Penn

Long Blackfil #1 (top)

Using synthetic materials like optical plastics, garbage bags, vinyl and staples, Gelah Penn constructs abstract narratives of visual ambiguity and psychological unease. Through cutting, layering, tearing, stapling and stretching synthetic materials, she foregrounds internal conceptual and formal dualities: substance and immateriality, cohesion and fragmentation, object and image. Her aim is to choreograph events of perceptual incident, in the hope that this conflation of disparate parts — mark, shadow, geometry, gesture, concord, dissonance — results in some sort of vertiginous whole.

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Gelah Penn: Long Blackfil #1 (top picture)

(2010-11) Monofilament, mosquito netting, plastic mesh, acrylic paint on Yupo
76,2 x 457,2 x 5,08 cm

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