Sliced Polyglot #4

Size and Solitude

The worldwide corona pandemic affects us all. Much of what we took for granted only some months ago, no longer apply. Attending concerts or theatres, visiting an art exhibition, being with friends or family, all comes with advices on how to behave. To keep a distance, to wear a mask, not being too many people together… All necessary precautions to avoid spreading disease and avoid tragedies.

The pandemic has its costs. Many people are feeling isolated and lonely, many are fatally ill or have died. Economies are affected, and cultural workers and the art industry severely so. Still, we hope that following health authorities’ strict regulations will bring us back to a kind of normality in a not so far away future. Meanwhile we all cope as best we can, even if our every day behavior is affected.

Gelah Penn is one of many artists that are affected by the pandemic. In this video she invites you to follow her on a studio tour. Penn reflects on her works and on moving from New York to a more rural place. She talks of using different materials and moving from black and white small objects to bigger sizes, applying fragments of colour…

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(Photo courtesy of the artist: Sliced Polyglot #4)