Untitled (Road 316, 2013)

Dreams of a Land

We are pleased to introduce our first artist from the Middle East! Israeli born Yanir Shani (b. 1980) lives and works at Lademoen Art Workshop in Trondheim, Norway, and received his BFA from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem in 2011 and a MFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 2017.

Shani works with photo and video. The works presented at our gallery are taken in his home country, reflecting the relationship between landscapes and concepts like memory, home, borders, trauma and identity, with references to social, economic, political, and geological issues.

The photos show desert landscapes. The pictures are complex and dreamlike and hints both to the on-going political conflict as well as to the barren landscape, its history and what the term belonging means.

In his pictures the artist explores the possibilities of conceptual abstraction in textual and cultural aspects of photography. By manipulating traditional methods of production during the printing process in the darkroom, he creates large-scale analogue images that deal with distraction, disappearance, and obscure landscapes.

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