Kurt Johannessen

Performance and Participation

Finding museums boring, dusty and uninspiring? If so, try a visit to Gråmølna, Trondheim Art Museum. Opening January 22., the group exhibition “Deltakelse” (Participation) aims to show that contemporary art may offer adventures, humor and unpredictability. On display are works by major international and Norwegian artists, just waiting for an audience.

The title “Participation” reflects the museums ambition to energize audiences. Among the artists are Kurt Johannessen, giving three different performances in Trondheim this weekend: “Words and Seeds” (Skansegata 26b, Saturday 21. January 13.00 hrs.), and “To eat” and “Participation”, both at Trondheim Art Museum 22. January at 13.00 hrs.
“Participation” is on display from 22. January – 05. May.

Other artists in the project are Erwin Wurm, Félix González-Torres, Annika Ström, Anna Karin Rynander, Bella Rune, Yoko Ono, Mariele Neudecker, Anders Sletvold Moe, Edith Lundebrekke, Anne-Karin Furunes, Anne Katrine Dolven and Oddvar I. N. Daren.

A Taste for Books

Sunderø Gallery artist Kurt Johannessen is known for his wonderful performances, photos and drawings. But he is also a poet, presenting to his readers surreal exercises to implement in ones daily life, and magical stanzas of rare beauty.

The next months Johannessen is represented at a number of venues, starting Friday 21. at 13th hour at Sogn og Fjordane art museum, with Codex Polaris – A Taste for Books. In this project ten Norwegian artists have investigated the metaphorical and sensory qualities of books, presenting its inherent possibility of being both mass communication and a holy object.

Codex Polaris is the result of a growing interest in the last decade for artist books, manifested through numerous artist books fairs around the world. Codex Polaris started in 2012 as a study circle, established by artists. It grew into a project and the exhibition “Norwegian books”, initiated by Imi Maufe and Sarah Jost from Bergen studio group, BAG.

As a result of the interest and energy of “Norwegian books” the exhibition project “Taste of Books” was born, with Imi Maufe, Randi Strand and Rita Marhaug as organizers and initiators.

Codex Polaris will continuously be supplemented with relevant projects, and from 21. January – 19. Mars, its on display at Sogn og Fjordane art museum.