The Collectors

Honouring David Hockney

Sabina Jacobsson’s next solo exhibition is launched at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 May. The Swedish-Norwegian artist is one of ArtLego’s highly skilled photographers. She is also an excellent drawer and awarded filmmaker, and we really recommend the exhibition if you are in the neighbourhood at the time.

The Collectors is a newly produced short film based on David Hockney’s paintings from the period 1965-1972.

The film was shot in California with stakeholders Guinevere Turner and Agnes Olech and is part of a series of short films where the artist uses appropriation as part of her method.

Jacobson’s work reflects the cultural identity and social structures. Through film, photography and installations, she reveals the individual’s role and status, and how relations between groups and individuals regulate patterns of social behaviour. Her stories illustrate a cultural solidarity with political issues.

The Collectors is funded through the support of Visual Artists pay fund, the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs and the Norwegian Photographic Fund.


In connection with Sabina Jacobson’s exhibition will be works from Gunell Kulieva exhibited in Peepshow facing the Kastellgatan, as part of Gallery 54’s collaboration with Academy Valand student-run gallery group.

More info here:

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