Constellation with Square II

For the love of it

Love art, but don´t know much about it? Wanting to buy, but don´t know what? Starting a collection, but don´t know what to focus on?

Ask us for advice. We’ll help you take decisions on what works to purchase and how to make art a part of your life. If you like, we can tip you on framing, how and where to mount your art, and how to get started on building your collection.

Do you have a wall or a room that scream for art? Send us a picture of it with measures, and we´ll suggest some fantastic works. Our guidance are without commitments on your behalf to buy anything.

At the ArtLego Shop sometimes you will se artwork that´s sold or out of stock. Or maby you love a work, but it´s too big or small or the wrong colour. We can help you find another one that fits exactly what you are looking for.

People have for centuries been commissioning artists to make new works of art. This is a great way to purchase a work and at the same time support artists. Whether you are buying a work for yourself or you are an interior designer purchasing art for clients, ArtLego can connect you with artists on different kinds of commissions. Just email us on [email protected] and we´ll help you get in contact.

Top picture: Jens Erland, Constallation with Square II. Photo curtesy of Olav Garborg