Tove Kommedal

Tove Kommedal lives and works in Stavanger, Norway. She works in a variety of media, suited to each project. Her work has a socio-political underpinning and are often relational in tone. The main trajectory of her artistic practice is research based. She experiments with the social potential of art, whether on a material or conceptual level.

Kommedal made her debut at the annual Vestlandsutstillingen, and has since exhibited at numerous venues both in Norway and abroad. Among them are Stavanger Art Museum, Kunsthall Stavanger, Rogaland Art Centre, Telemark Art Center and Hå Old Vicarage (Norway), in addition to New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen (DK) and the 4th International Video Art Exhibition in Taiwan. In 2012 Kommedal opened the 4thArticle Biennale, with the work dEFINISJONSMAKT IV (The Power to Define IV).  Tove Kommedal was one of the artists chosen to exhibit at Stavanger municipality’s celebration of the Norwegian Constitutional Jubilee in 2014.

Kommedal has received numerous scholarships and grants. She often works in collaboration with other artists or invites capacities of other disciplines to projects like In Helheim and dEFINISJONSMAKT.

Tove Kommedal
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Tove Kommedal’s method is specialization. She seek out professionals from directly relevant or similar disciplines to broaden her experiences, and also to explore how their knowledge can add new perspectives to the reading of her works.

Kommedal experiments in a great number of materials, and by doing so she learns new technics and crafts that feel relevant to the topic. Several of her projects lasts for years, and may manifest as exhibitions, publications or through various social interventions.

During the past few years Tove Kommedal has developed a significant practice. Her latest work, dEFINISJONSMAKT (The Power to Define) also includes an anthology. In the book a number of professionals offer various artistic and thematic approaches and definitions of power structures both in nature and the society of Western countries today.


Tove Kommedal

Conseptual art

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