Roald Kyllingstad

Roald Kyllingstad (NO) holds his education from the Norwegian National Art Academy and graphic design and commercials at Stavanger Yrkesskole.

Through the years he has exhibited in a wide range of galleries in Norway, both in solo and group shows. His works are included in many collections, among them the Norwegian Cultural Council, Statoil´s Art Collection, Lillehammer Art Museum, Stavanger Art Museum, and Oslo Municipality´s Art Collection.

His works is published in a number of catalogues and publications.

Kyllingstad´s works might easily be mistaken for photos. His drawings are meticulously prepared studies of areas we usually don´t think of as picturesque; parking lots, abandoned quays, shopping windows and so fourth.

Places we don´t notice, but which still are important parts of our everyday life. Thus he gives us the opportunity to discover the aesthetics in our surroundings.


Roald Kyllingstad is mapping his surroundings. His works reflects a fascination for abandoned and rural areas; The reflections of lights on a car at a garage, goods on the shelves of a grocery store, the texture of clothes on a hanger, empty chairs at a hairdresser, lights on a ferry by the quay at night.

The artist gives us his interpretation of his surroundings, with a breath-taking sense of details and striking effects.

Kyllingstad´s pictures often has it´s starting point in his late evening walks, noticing lighted shop windows and getting a glimpse into empty offices after business hours. Still, from the darkness of  night originate works with great power to express reflections and light.

Kyllingstad´s use of pastel is meticulously prepared studies, and requires an extreme patience and skill from the artist. The drawings’ are based on photos, but their hyperrealism is only apparent; the works are not superficial decorations.

The artist has a fine tuned capability to analyse a motive. This gives the viewer an opportunity to discover subtle shifts and distortions, reflecting multiple viewpoints as if the subjects pictured are put together in a kind of collage technique.

In his works Kyllingstad blasts central perspective, a line perspective that has only one specific point. He discusses in his art realism – or naturalism – and shows that for him art is not only a question of representation.

Thus Kyllingstad´s art is more about transformations, contraction and redistribution of the observed, than reproducing images of reality.

The transformation of simple motives into art gives us pictures with many levels, and a perspective that is suddenly both uncertain and ambiguous.

It is as if the artist asks us to question what we see. Not only in our surroundings, but also in art.


Roald Kyllingstad

Drawing, Pastel, Paper based

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