Aleksander Nordahl

Tank #10

Tank series

Aleksander Nordahl’s observations of human bodies in water leaves us with a feeling of seeing something familiar, but at the same time something we do not quite understand. The pictures seem somewhat surreal, yet we recognize signs, objects and people. The portrayed situation is of course familiar for the persons involved, but for us as spectators its is harder to get a grip on what we actually see. Thus each photo leaves us with a feeling of observing a rite, actions only the involved understands.

As few other photographers Nordahl has the gift of using the element of water to tell us something profound about life and the human condition. His images are a result of carefully observing light, shadow and space in an element unknown to most of us. In this world bodies floats as if gravity is abolished, time do no longer exist. Humans form groups or are observed in solitude, with only the oxygen mask to link them to the world above, outside of the tank.

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Aleksander Nordahl: Tank #10

Photo from the Tank series

Comes with sertificate of artist proof

Colour print, Canson Photographique 310gr paper:

20 x 30 cm
Edition 25 + 2 AP
NOK 3 000,-

Contact us for these sizes:

40 x 60 cm. Edition 25 + 2 AP
NOK 4 200,-

67 x 100 cm. Edition 10 + 1 AP
NOK 8 000,-

94 x 140 cm. Edition 5 + 1 AP
NOK 11 500,-

UV print on 3mm matt aluminum white lacquered plate and black L-strip list:
20 x 30. Edition 25
NOK 7 500,-

40 x 60 cm. Edition: 25
NOK 11 000,-

67 x 100 cm. Edition: 10
NOK 16 000,-

94 x 140 cm. Edition: 5
NOK 35 000,-

140 x 210 cm. Edition: 5
NOK 45 000,-

One edition prints on other materials or sizes on request.


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