Aleksander Nordahl


One Breath Waterscapes series

Diving deep below the surface, Aleksander Nordahl explores the vast world of oceans one breath at a time. Fishes drifting by, a diver floating beneath the light from above – the strange landscapes of a magical blue world.

Nordahl´s images are a result of freediving, where his lungs are his only air reservoir; the photos are taken within the time he can keep the air in his lungs. When he photographs other freedivers, they operate with the same time limit as him. Everything happens within one breath.

kr 3.000,00

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Aleksander Nordahl: Photobombing

Photo from the One Breath Waterscapes series
Colour print, Canson Baryta 310 gr paper
Comes with sertificate of artist proof
Editions 25 + 2 AP
20 x 30 cm: NOK 3000,-

Contact us for these sizes:
40 x 60 cm: NOK 4200,-
70 x 47 cm: NOK 4500,-
67 x 100 cm: NOK 8000,-
94 x 140 cm: NOK 14100,-

Prints on white alu Dibon with T-list frame:

20 x 30 cm: NOK 7650,-
40 x 60 cm: NOK 11000,-
70 x 47 cm: NOK 13000,-
67 x 100 cm: NOK 16000,-
94 x 140 cm: NOK 35000, (edition: 5 + 1 ap)

Sizes over 140 x 94 are printed individually as unique items. Ask for prize and execution.

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