Grigory Mumrikov

Homo Scafandricus #1

«Homo Scafandricus»

The Homo Scaphandricus Series is shot at Iturup Island, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Far East. A casual companion provided assistance in the artist’s attempts to find and define the essence and meaning of a certain incident. As it turned out the man was a cosmonaut. Or, at least, an active participant of training programs for astronauts.

Meeting him, despite its happenstance, seemed meaningful to Mumrikov and filled by unformulated symbolism. Through their time together, his companion reflected on cosmonauts and nature, environmental changes and how to survive, leading up to the Homo Scafandricus photo series.

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Grigory Mumrikov: Homo Scafandricus #1

Photo. (Fujifilm X-T1, 35mm)
File: 40 x 60cm
Edition: 20

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